About PAU Alumni

The Pan-Atlantic University Alumni Association (PAUAA) was conceived in 2020 and established in 2021, building on the then-existing School of Media and Communication Alumni Association (SMCAA), set up in October 2009. The constitution in place for SMCAA was reviewed and adopted in 2020, and elections for PAUAA Executives were held in September 2021. The Alumni Association, which consists of over 2,700 members, exists to promote continuous education and provide a fruitful and sustainable platform for networking among its members. It has a defined set of fundamental rules which guides its working procedures, memberships, elections and decision-making processes.

The PAU Alumni Office serves as a link to strengthen ties between the University and its alumni, and foster lifelong connections between members. We aim to keep PAU alumni informed, to be of service to them and to bring them together. The Alumni Association is designed to promote continuous education and provide a fruitful and sustainable platform for networking among its members.

The MISSION of PAU Alumni

To promote the aims and objectives of the PAU and to forge stronger links among the alumni of the University
Contribute to the upliftment of society and promote ethical conduct.
Encourage the development of research, learning and information dissemination and increase the visibility of the Pan-Atlantic University and its activities.


The PAU Alumni Association has a decision-making council, which is tasked with the responsibility of managing the affairs of the Association and all other matters concerning it. The Governing Council comprises the Vice Chancellor, the Dean of schools, all class presidents, zonal presidents, and the Executive Council. The Executive Council is composed of the President of the Association, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Immediate Past President, the Alumni Relations Director and some appointed members.

Become a Member

To qualify as a member, you must be a

  • Graduate with a certificate programme, diploma or degree from the Pan-Atlantic University.
  • Full-time faculty member of the university.
  • An honourary member of the University (A person who is deemed by the Alumni General Assembly to be worthy of the honour of becoming a member of the association and has been so appointed).

The benefits of being a member of the PAU Alumni Association include:

  • The lifelong benefit of being part of the PAU community.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Career services and faculty consultation.
  • Mentorship sessions.
  • Opportunity to speak and/or attend public lectures.

Additional benefits for financial members:

  • Discounted services from our partners.
  • PAU Courses at discounted rates.
  • Library membership

(Becoming a financial member requires the payment of membership dues. Kindly email alumnioffice@pau.edu.ng a receipt of payment and a copy of your passport picture).


Email: alumnioffice@pau.edu.ng
Phone: 09112708912

Instagram: @Pau_Alumni_
Linkedin:    PAU Alumni Association
Twitter:       @PAUAlumni


The PAUAA newsletter is published quarterly. The goal of the newsletter is to showcase the achievements of PAU Alumni as they impact their various sectors. It also provides a platform to keep members informed on the latest happenings at the University.

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Why should you give?

Between surviving in the harsh economic condition, managing upkeep, and acquiring investments/property, paying dues to the alumni association is probably at the bottom of your priority list. You’ve already paid them millions of naira to get your education, so they don’t need your money anymore, right? Wrong. Through donations from you and your other alumni, the association and the University at large can meet their budgetary needs and fund projects that would not have been possible otherwise.

Here are some of the reasons giving donations is so important:

Your certificate is an investment in your future. You want it to mean something when you apply for a new job. What do you think the reaction of your interviewer might be when they see what school you attended? what do you think their reaction might be? Donations are used to build new facilities and add innovative technology to the campus to increase student success, and improve the school’s reputation and ranking in the national and international polls.

Some Students struggle to find the funds to cover the costs. Scholarships ensure that these students can manage the costs while getting a great education. When you donate, you’re investing in the students and providing a legacy for future generations.

One of the University’s five pillars of engagement is Community Engagement. The university holds community-building activities to help achieve inclusive excellence which allows the schools to grow and succeed. This includes the offering of training programs, outreach activities, professional development programmes, etc. Donations can be used to help other alumni ensure that they can succeed outside of school and have the necessary tools and skills to find employment in their field.

As you look back on your days in school, you may remember the wonderful friends that you met, the memories that you made, the experiences that you had, and the lessons that you learned, the staff that influenced you in your professional and personal life. When someone enjoys the school that they attended, they want to give back as a gesture of gratitude for the experiences they had within its walls.

The Pan-Atlantic University Alumni Association is grateful for the number of alumni that donate every year to make positive impacts on the world.

To learn more about donating or to find out what types of donations are accepted, you can contact us.