Mission and Philosophy

The Mission and Philosophy of Pan-Atlantic University

Pan-Atlantic University has a strong Christian identity, which is reflected in campus life and in the content of the education we offer. One important characteristic of this identity is the openness of the University to people of all races and religions.

The Mission Statement of the University is: “to form competent and committed professionals and encourage them to serve with personal initiative and social responsibility the community in which they work, thereby helping to build a better society in Nigeria and Africa at large.” This dream encapsulates the purpose of the University.

Pan-Atlantic University contributes to national development through the provision of academic programmes that are relevant to the needs of the country. The university is open to all people regardless of their nationality, race, sex, religion, or ethnic group. The curricular activities of the University are part of a wider all-round formation which is provided in the University.

The objective of education in our university is the well-rounded formation of the human person. This is why an important component of every programme is the inclusion of a good number of courses in the humanities. We also seek, by deliberate design of the programmes, to inculcate and groom the entrepreneurial spirit in our students and participants. The university aims at nurturing individuals who are professionally competent, creative, and enterprising, zealous for the common good, and able to make free and morally upright decisions, and who thus act as positive agents of change in service to society.

The name University implies a universal mentality: openness to other persons, ideas, areas of knowledge, cultures far and near, without discrimination.

The University is also a place that fosters and stimulates study and a permanent search for the truth. This involves the labour of intelligence, intellectual honesty, and the desire to learn, combined with the desire to continually overcome one’s limits.  In addition, university studies require the cultivation of one’s own personality and the development of the habits necessary for professional and social life.