Institute of Humanities (IoH)

The Institute of Humanities ensures that students of Pan-Atlantic University devote time to liberal studies and an array of programmes that ensure their all-round formation as human persons. The institute has been providing teaching services to the University since 2014 when undergraduate programmes began. Subjects such as; Logic, Philosophy and Human Existence, Introduction to Theology, World Civilizations, Communication in English, Peace Studies, Conflict Resolution, and General Ethics, Contemporary Health Issues and Philosophical Anthropology are allocated to the unit. The faculty of IoH consists of skilled professionals with requisite background training in diverse specialised fields. 

Major Events and Activities

Protecting Human Dignity in Human Rights (August 22, 2020)

  • The Institute of Humanities in association with the National Association of Catholic Lawyers organized a webinar on protecting human dignity in human rights. The aim of the webinar was to interrogate the essence of human dignity for lawyers in general and Catholic lawyers in particular. The theme Protecting Human Dignity in Human Rights was informed by the need for Catholic lawyers to be firm in defending their faith, the Church and human life in the practice of the legal profession.  
  • IOH Workshop for PhD Scholars and Early Career Researchers (March 15 – 19, 2021).

IOH hosted a virtual workshop for current/prospective PhD scholars and early career researchers. Topics discussed include;

  • Rudiments of thesis writing at the PhD level.
    • Selecting research focus/agenda as basis for publishing articles
    • Research as conversation, determining appropriate methodology
    • Basics of ethnographic data collection: conducting surveys, the problem statement, questions and the instrument, developing an instrument.
    • The workshop also featured delegate’s presentation of papers for facilitators’ comments.

IOH Conference on Human Dignity and the Right to Life (August 21, 2021)

The IOH Conference on Human Dignity and the Right to Life was a virtual event. The conference critically assessed the current debate on right to life; including debates about assisted fertilization, surrogacy and euthanasia. It also assessed the legal perspectives, promulgating laws that promote and protect life, and the current bills that are problematic or promotional.