Mrs. Nonye Okechukwu

Mrs. Okechukwu joined Pan-Atlantic University in 2001 after working for some years in various Nigerian libraries, Media and Telecommunications companies, where she was at various times, media-cum-reference librarian, pioneer librarian and the senior customer services personnel of the institutions and organisations.

She holds a Master of Art in International Relations and Strategic Studies, a Master of Science in Information & Library Studies, a Higher Diploma in Library Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration.

As the Librarian at the Pan-Atlantic University, she manages the physical, financial and human resources within the Library Information unit.

Mrs. Okechukwu has conducted research in the area of the roles of libraries in community education and has guided fresh librarians in charting their path in their specific areas of competence in the field.

Mrs. Okechukwu is a member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP), Europe and the Nigerian Library Association (NLA).