From the Vice-Chancellor

Nineteen years ago, Pan-Atlantic University (PAU) took off as a graduate university and we offered exclusively postgraduate programmes and executive education courses. Thousands of experienced professionals have passed through these programmes and courses. We believe we created a reputation for high standards of ethics and professional competence, both inside and outside Nigeria. Then, seven years ago we began extending our activities to become a full-service university that also offers first-degree programmes. For now, these are programmes in professional fields, such as business, mass communication, and engineering.

Professional courses are very different from programmes in the arts or in the physical or social sciences. Offering them to you at a very high level of quality requires deploying a practice-oriented style of teaching and doing research. Above all, it demands being close to the relevant industries and professions. PAU has developed the required skills and values over many years of experience in offering professional development programmes to many business executives and communication professionals. We are now deploying these skills and values towards helping you lay a sound foundation for your professional careers.

An education at Pan-Atlantic University is different in many important ways. You can learn more about this by going through this website, but here I would like to emphasize that Pan-Atlantic University has a strong Christian identity, which is reflected in campus life and in the content of the education we offer; one important characteristic of this identity is the openness of the University to people of all backgrounds and religions. You will receive an education that is personalized (you will have a personal faculty adviser throughout your stay in PAU) and well-rounded (almost one-fourth of the courses you will take in PAU aim at broadening your culture and your capacity for critical thinking). Finally, we believe that strong beliefs and values can only be acquired in an atmosphere of responsible freedom.

Quality education is necessarily expensive, but we would not want it to be out of the reach of deserving young men and women who have proved their readiness to work hard in order to advance their education. With the help of many benefactors who identify with Pan-Atlantic University, we will offer a significant number of scholarships every year. If you have a good record of academic achievement, talk to us, even if you think you cannot afford our fees.

I look forward to welcoming you to Pan-Atlantic University.

Prof. Juan Manuel Elegido