Sinmi Abosede

Dr Sinmi Abosede

Dr Sinmi Abosede (nee Da-Silva), teaches Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning and Introduction to Mathematical Methods to first-year undergraduates at PAU. Her current research activities are centered on the water and wastewater sector in Nigeria, specifically on various issues such as water scarcity, water regulation, water resources management and the relationship between water and other sectors such as energy and agriculture.

Prior to joining PAU, she worked as a Chemical Engineer in the UK water industry for companies such as Thames Water and Atkins Limited and is a technical specialist in water regulation, audit, engineering design and engineering project management. Currently, she provides consultancy services to various clients providing various engineering solutions for homes, offices, estates or entire districts.

Dr Abosede holds a BEng degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Leeds and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London.


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