Intra-University Transfer

Procedure for Intra-University Transfer                                                                     Application form  

  • Interested applicants must complete the online application form for the intra-University Transfer (IUT).
  • Download and submit same to the Dean of the School in which his/her outgoing course is located for comments and endorsement (please note that this Dean must indicate a willingness to release the application
  • The form shall be forwarded to the faculty board of the school in which the destination course is housed for comments. Where the two courses are housed in the same school, it is enough for the faculty board to give consent to the transfer.
  • The recommendations of the Dean of the school which houses the destination course shall be presented to the faculty board of that school for consideration and approval.
  • The transferring student will visit the JAMB office closest to him/her to fill the change of admission letter application form for an Intra-University transfer (after the transfer has been approved by the Dean).
  • The student will submit the transfer indemnity form generated at the JAMB office to the admissions office for processing.
  • The list of approved cases for Intra University Transfer (IUT) should be forwarded to the senate for noting and ratification.

Transferring between PAU schools

Students who want to transfer to another school within the university must complete the Intra University Transfer (IUT) application on this website.

Before completing an application:

  • Talk to someone in the Dean’s office of the school in which you are currently enrolled
  • Read the instruction on the website from the school to which you are applying that outlines further steps you must complete.
  • Pay the sum of Five thousand naira (NGN 5,000) into Pan-Atlantic University – Zenith Bank Account No: 1011096701 with the following; your full name, course of study and Matriculation Number.

The deadline date to submit an IUT application:

  • Students must put in their transfer request at least 2 weeks before resumption
  • The office of the Registrar will notify you of the school’s decision via email. Please submit only one application per transfer semester.
  • Please be aware, that if you do not meet the criteria for a transfer for one session, you may re-apply the following session, if you become eligible.

Click here to download the Intra-University Transfer application form