Executive MBA Programme

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​The EMBA at Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University is an invigorating and intense programme, designed to prepare potential executives for senior leadership.It also provides an analytical and integrated understanding of business management which allows participants to apply learning and project work directly to their own organisations, while building a strong network of like-minded colleagues across a wide variety of industries. The programme gives future executives the necessary tools and perspectives to successfully lead their organisations into the future.

Our aim is to create an environment where participants can learn how to handle difficult real-life problems by probing, discussing and working together as a team towards achieving a deeper insight than they can ever do on their own. The EMBA amplifies individual strengths and builds synergies between team members. You learn how to exercise judgment, make better decisions and take responsibility. In doing this, you also discover how to communicate effectively in class and at work, and leverage on all the excellent ideas you get on the programme. The EMBA is best for people in full-time employment in positions that allow them apply what they learn while they complete a rigorous academic programme. The exposure is beyond work, it is a well rounded experience that gives participants a balanced view of life.

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