Carl Fredrik Sammeli Speaks with Undergraduates

“May we please have your card” “yes of course”, the charming smile and the easy hand-over was enough icing on the cake to a perfect day. The day’s guest speaker was definitely as friendly as they come. Ready to catch his plane, he stayed a few more minutes after his lecture to engage with the curious and ready-to-learn students – and faculty.

Carl Fredrik Sammeli is a world-renowned expert in Management Crisis and Public Relations. He was present for the guest speaker session here at the university on Friday, 26 May due to his passion for lecturing young mind in his field and beyond. Although he had little time to spend, he made sure to go over numerous innovative considerations and case studies put forth by his company when dealing with their clients – the government, businesses, etc. He did not shy from the questions thrown at him by the SMC year 2 class. Leaving the inspired students with his card, details and internship gateways, he encouraged more networking and entrepreneurial skills among them. He was intense and attentive.

His input on the importance of “communication” and “integrity” was defiantly transcendent. Even by mentioning his exit from his company to live nicely with his family in South Africa, he stressed this to the students: you can only play, after working with all you got.

Carl Fredrik Sammeli is the founder of Prime, the world’s most awarded PR agency by Cannes Lions in the period 2010-2013. He has over 20 years of experience within entrepreneurship, business development, sales, strategy, marketing and communication including crisis management. He works with all industries but is specialised within B2B industries, in particular professional services.