Dr. Salami Speaks on the Growing Impact of Technology and Innovation

Dr. Doyin Salami of the Lagos Business School on Monday delivered a lecture titled: Beyond Now-Nigeria without Oil, Prospect for Technology and Innovation. He said Nigeria needs Information Communication Technology (ICT) to drive the much desired national development. According to Dr. Salami, “Technology has become arguably, the fastest growing sector in Nigeria. In 2016 alone, ICT accounted for 10% of total Nigerian Revenue, the highest in a decade and half. He recalled that in the year 2000, ICT in Nigeria contributed less than one quarter of 1% of GDP.”

Dr. Salami added that recently, Nigeria ranked 121 out of 148 in the Global Innovation Index. In his opinion, if Nigeria is going to be serious about technology, education has to be taken more seriously than ever before. “Technology is about the practical application of knowledge and knowledge is about education. If we cannot educate our own people, then how do we want to be part of technology. You may require technology to do innovation and you may not. But what is clear is that without knowledge we are unlikely to do either technology or innovation,“ Dr Salami maintained.

The occasion was the re-launch of Fleet Technologies Ltd which is now to be known as VATEBRA Ltd.


Excerpts taken from www.thenationonlineng.net and www.bellanaija.com

Photocredit: bellanaija.com