IESE partners LBS on Africa Initiative

Lagos Business School has been a great contributor to the IESE Africa Initiative ​, promoting sustainable economic development in Africa by providing high-quality executive education, for over two decades.

In line with the mission of the IESE Africa Initiative which is to help develop sustainable business leadership in Africa in order to have a positive and lasting impact on African society, Giovanni Maria Mazzacanni, a researcher on the IESE Africa initiative is currently at Lagos business School to facilitate the first ever co-branded cases between Lagos Business School and IESE Business School. He has devoted the past two years to researching cases and projects within Africa.

Giovanni is working with members of faculty of both LBS and IESE on his research project. The members of faculty he is working with here at LBS include: Professor Albert Alos, Dr Chris Ogbechie and Mr Akin Oparison. “I am working on IESE case studies that will be co-branded with LBS. This is the first case partnership that is being done and I am trying to facilitate these case studies between LBS and IESE to create a stronger relationship between both schools” he said.

He also added that the reason for this partnership is because of the growing African economies and the great need to include African cases into the IESE curriculum.