Pan-Atlantic University Student Body Prepares to Elect New Leadership: Anticipation Builds for Council Elections 2024

The 2024 Student Council Elections of Pan-Atlantic University have been the talk of the town for the past two weeks. And we can’t be more surprised. Different people having different opinions of who has what it takes to be on the hot seat and be the next to lead the school for the next session to come. 

Before we look at our candidates for the different positions, let’s give you a quick breakdown of what the PAU student council entails. 

The student council comprises five posts. The student activities officer, the financial officer, the secretary, the vice-president and the president. For one to be eligible, one must first have gone through the screening for one to even hold a leadership position in the school: A hall representative or a course representative. 

One can only run for office coming from these two funnels.

Now let’s take a look at our prospective officers:


Samuel Oyefusi

Samuel Oluwakorede Oyefusi is a Mechanical Engineering student at Pan Atlantic University, Ex-president of the Living Green Club, the co-Founder of Ridebuddy and Global Ambassador of Thierworld. 

He has a passion for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which drives his focus on Energy Transition and Robotics innovation, alongside advocacy for quality education.

With a knack for research, analysis, and strategic planning, He utilises his expertise in innovation and sustainable development to foster positive change across Africa. 

As a community leader, he mentors the youths close to him with the aim to inspire a new generation of innovators dedicated to creating a brighter future for the continent. 

He hopes that by working to achieve his dreams, he can inspire others to achieve theirs too.

Fun fact: He loves to swim and cares deeply about everyone around him. 

His vision is to contribute to a society where everyone feels loved and valued.



Chiamaka Okocha-Ojeah

Prisca Chiamaka Okocha-Ojeah is an Economics student at Pan atlantic University, the outgoing Vice-President of the student council, President of the Public Speaking Club and an Associate Accounting Technician. 

She has a passion for singing and has been performing in choirs since she was a child. Music has always been a source of joy and inspiration for her and alongside her love for music, she is also deeply committed to service. Due to this, she has volunteered with various organizations to give back to her community. 

She is a firm believer in the power of lifelong learning and enjoys taking courses to expand her knowledge and skills in diverse areas. This has led her to currently pursue a Chartered Accountancy qualification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) after attaining the AAT qualification.

She is committed to furthering her expertise in accounting and finance through rigorous study and practical experience.

Fun fact: In her free time, she loves to unwind by watching movies and she has a deep appreciation for food, particularly rice in all its forms.


Nasirudeen Babalola

Nasirudeen Babalola is a 300-Level economics student, aspiring for the role of vice chairperson of the student council. 

He is passionate about nation-building and leadership. For many years, he has continually built up the skills necessary to become an effective leader from public speaking to time management and crisis management. 

He’s done this by taking up leadership roles from being a prefect in secondary school, being the president of the student council at his A-Levels to being an an exclusive member of the Nigerian Economic Students Association, Pan Atlantic University Chapter as well as being Assistant Class Representative of the third year economics students. 

He also has a deep interest in politics, economics, history and culture and enjoys reading about them and is known for his brilliant debate skills on these topics.

Fun fact: The fastest way to his heart is a good plate of Ofada rice and he’s a die-hard Manchester United fan.



Oluwadarasimi Olowokere 

Oluwadarasimi is a 300-Level economics student, aspiring for the role of vice chairperson of the student council.

He has a passion for seeing the best in individuals and helping them achieve it. This acts as his drive for doing a lot of things. 

He has a lot of experience as a leader from being an Assistant Class Representative of the third year economics students in their first year and a present Hall Representative, to being the ex-treasurer of the Public Speaking Club in Pan-Atlantic University and then being a vital member in the Academic Division of NESA, working to support the Director and Vice-President of Academics.

He is seen as a good orator and a captivating speaker. He loves to present his arguments in a logical manner and is known for being good at projecting confidence.

In his free time, he read a lot of novels. His favourite author is Brandon Sanderson because of his ability to write a world (many cultures, flora, races, customs) that he can imgaine. 

Fun Fact: He sings, he’s good at chess, and fancies himself a great chef too.



Amao Oluwabusolami

Amao Oluwabusolami Anjolaoluwa-Esther is a 300-level student currently studying Economics at Pan-Atlantic University, aspiring for the role of financial officer of the student council.

Beyond her  academic pursuits, she lives a dynamic life filled with diverse interests and responsibilities.

She is an avid reader, particularly drawn to self-development literature, her goto books being “48 Laws of Power” and “The Laws of Human Nature” by Robert Greene, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, and many others she calls exceptional.

She loves poetry particularly slam poetry which she sees as the ability to seek a deeper meaning and it intrigues her. In her spare time, she likes to draw or listen to music as a form of escape from reality because she firmly believes that we all need to take a break every once in a while. 

She is presently on the last stage of achieving the Accounting Technicians of West Africa (ATSWA) Examination which deems her more eligible for this role.  

While being a full-time student, she runs a successful Mehndi business which allows her to not just showcase her artistic talent but hones her her entrepreneurial skillsas she strives to excel in academia and pursue her numerous certifications.

Fun fact: Because of her drawing skills, she plans to be a fashion illustrator.



Gabriella Agbor-Agabi

Gabriella Agbor-Agabi is a 200 level student currently studying Information Science and Media Studies at Pan-Atlantic University. 

She is interested in cloud computing/Cybersecurity and software testing and is currently a member of the Technology Innovation Club at Pan-Atlantic University (PAU) as well as the second welfare officer of her hostel, Co-operative Queens.

She loves playing badminton and spends quality time with friends. She also possesses skills in video and audio editing, script writing, videography and logo/poster design. 

She is known to be a very kind person and she believes the world would be a happier place if everyone was kind and considerate. Her favourite person is Jesus Christ. 

Fun fact: She has an identical twin whom she loves to play switch with sometimes.



Chizim Awele

Chizim Awele Gabriela is a 200-level computer science student at Pan-Atlantic University. She is currently the vice-president of the SST committee as well as one of its cofounders. She has a passion for coding and tech related stuff which has led her to take different courses particularly in the Artificial Intelligence space. She is also a very detailed planner.

She loves to plan events, schedules, activities, etc. 

She also really loves helping people to bring their dreams to life.

Fun fact: She is very passionate about acting and writing novels.



Oyinakansola Ogunlabi

 Oyinakansola Ogunlabi is a 300-level student studying Computer Science at Pan-Atlantic University. She is currently the welfare officer at cooperative queens and is a basketballer on the PAU School Basketball team.

She has a passion for learning and is into game development. She produces music and writes songs on the side and loves to collect hobbies. This keeps her on her toes.

She also loves to read and considers it a talent to read very quickly. Her favorite book series right now is a series of unfortunate events by Daniel Handler. 

Fun fact: She can speak two languages and plans to be a polyglot in five years.


And that’s a wrap. Goodluck to all the candidates and hope that the next set of student council representatives is one that brings a change to the school.