Pan-Atlantic University collaborates with Sahara Power Group to ramp up Human capital in Power Sector

Pan-Atlantic University’s core objective is to cultivate skilled and dedicated professionals, a mission supported by its Careers Office.

On the 16th of May, PAU and Sahara Power Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding to drive a transformative partnership aimed at enhancing human capital in the power sector. through elevating engineering education and fostering collaboration across industries. This partnership is aimed at providing the right quality of engineering graduates who are business managers and forward thinking. This collaboration with Pan-Atlantic University engineering community for capacity building and sharing ideas is pertinent in the Nigeria of today. 

Sahara Power Group operates Egbin Power, the largest thermal plant in sub-Saharan Africa, Ikeja Electric, Nigeria’s largest distribution company, and First Independent Power Limited (FIPL). Sahara Power through these entities contributes 25 per cent of power generated and distributed in Nigeria, making it the nation’s foremost power company.

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