Personal Development Seminar with Betty Akinyemi-Sanya

It was an engaging and insightful session with Mrs. Betty Akinyemi-SanyaManaging Partner and CEO of Global Niche Consulting Limited, during the Power of Positive Psychology seminar held on June 2nd, 2021, as she spoke with our students. Some of the students that attended the session share their experiences:

Chika Nwogu-Agbakuru – Information Science and Media Studies, 400 Level

“The PDS on Power of Positive Psychology was beneficial to my outlook on life. I had my expectations on what the seminar could be like since it was not my first time attending a PDS in PAU or hearing the term Positive Psychology, but I was still left astonished at the end of the speaker’s presentation. The session left a lot to think about on the concept of Positive Psychology and how I can apply it to my daily life. The presenter made the experience engaging and insightful while still making it enjoyable. It was pleasant. I admired how she always wanted us to discuss with her, and she would listen to our point of view to know what we were thinking. This topic is certainly not just one you learn about once. One has to keep learning about the concept of Positive Psychology and how it applies to our day-to-day activities. This session has made me curious, and I am hoping to learn more in the future.”

Peter Osilike –Mass Communication 400 Level 

“The world spins and evolves with every passing minute, bringing with it a fair share of gloom and mystery. One may very well refer to life as a riddle, hidden in a riddle, hidden in a mystery, wrapped in a fog. The session on Power of Positive Psychology brings these three things to mind:

  • Be thankful for the little things: Having and harnessing the power of positive psychology does not require efforts of titanic proportions. It’s in the simple things that we should be grateful for, the air in our lungs, the sun in our face, the colour we see in a world that tries to paint it bleak. We are reminded that everyone wants so many things at once, but the terminally ill person in a hospital wants just one thing: life.
  • Encourage yourself: A lesson everyone learns the hard way is, “the world owes you nothing.” Sometimes the only person in your corner would be you, and you would need to dig deeper than others if you want to keep yourself in the race.
  • It’s okay to break down: Face it, no one’s a cyborg built to withstand everything. Acknowledge that you’re human, and you will get back up despite the many issues thrown at you. Think of it as a video game; the higher your game character goes, that’s when the levels become tougher. You will only need to equip yourself to deal with those levels.

In all, let us ask not for lighter burdens but for strong shoulders.”