Team Afara wins AI for Culture Hackathon.

The School of Science and Technology (SST) in collaboration with the Centenary Project hosted the AI for Culture Hackathon. The goal of the hackathon was to generate ideas on how Artificial Intelligence can be used to explore, reinforce, and preserve the rich and vibrant diversity of our cultural Nigerian heritage. The hackathon aimed to get PAU students to develop innovative ideas specific to the Nigerian cultural context. They could be game-like or just expositions of cultural artifacts. The ideas could be based on visual art, cuisine, fashion, people, places, film, music, language, festivals, etc. The Centenary Project is the first initiative from Nigeria to become a Google Arts and Culture (GAC) partner and has been publishing assets, stories, and exhibits of people, places, and customs in Nigeria.

Congratulations to the winners – Team Afara (2nd Year Computer Science Students – Ruth Olotu, Oladimeji Abaniwonnda, Basit Inaolaji, Somtochukwu Onodingene and Adebare Adesokan,) and to the other Teams for their participation in the hackathon. There’s absolutely no doubt that expectations were surpassed!

A warm appreciation to the esteemed Judges, Dr. Patrick Enaholo, Ms. Assumpta Audu, Dr. Kazeem Oyebode, Dr. Desmond Moru, Ms. Muna Nwosu, Mr. Sochukwuma Nwokoye, and Mr. Taiwo Amoo, for their service to the success of the Hackathon


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