Unleashing Africa’s Innovative Future: SST Computer Science Students Attend Event with Bill Gates!

Pan-Atlantic University’s School of Science and Technology Computer Science students and the Technology Innovation Club (TIC) Executive Members had an extraordinary day on Wednesday, June 21st! They were privileged to attend the highly anticipated “Unleashing Africa’s Innovative Future” event, graced by the visionary presence of Bill Gates himself.

This event brought together the brightest minds in technology and innovation, inspiring our students to think bigger and bolder. Bill Gates, a global icon, shared his wisdom and vision for unlocking Africa’s immense potential, leaving a lasting impact on our students. Their passion for Africa’s innovative future has been ignited!


We are immensely proud of our SST Computer Science students and TIC Executive Members for seizing this incredible opportunity and expanding their horizons. They are ready to become the future leaders driving Africa’s digital transformation!


Together, we will unleash Africa’s full potential!