Welcome to Pan-Atlantic University: 2021/2022 Academic Session Begins

We are glad to have new students for the 2021/2022 academic session on campus. We warmly welcome them to the PAU community, and we wish them the most fulfilling time at the University.

The new undergraduate and postgraduate students, who reside on campus, resumed on the PAU main campus on Sunday, October 11 2021.

The orientation programme followed immediately on Monday and will run for three days. The orientation programme is an avenue for our new students to learn more about the PAU community’s culture, policies, and code of conduct, amongst other things. It is an interactive session as students are allowed to ask questions and make reasonable contributions.

As part of the orientation programme for day two, Mrs Chinonye Nwosu, head of Student Affairs, anchored a session on student life in PAU. Mrs Nwosu briefed the students on plagiarism, CGPA calculation, academic misconducts, student policies, student support services available on campus, and extracurricular activities, amongst other student-related topics.