Darlington Agholor

Dr Darlington Agholor

A member of the SMSS faculty since February 2016, Dr. Agholor teaches Leadership and Elements of Management.

Prior to joining the SMSS faculty, he had been a co-creator and later Director of a social enterprise, the Institute for Industrial Technology (IIT), which has become a reference institution in the development of middle-level technical manpower for the industrial sector of the economy. He is a member of the IIT governing council. He has over 15 years management experience in the non-profit sector.

Dr. Agholor graduated in Mechanical Engineering, later obtained an MSc in Industrial Engineering, both at the University of Ibadan and then a Doctorate in Industrial Management at the University of Navarre, Spain.

His current research is in mentoring and competency development.


Journal Articles

Agholor, D., Lleo, A., & Serrano, N. (2017). Mentoring future engineers in higher education: a descriptive study using a developed conceptual framework. Production, 27(spe), e20162207. https://dx.doi.org/10.1590/0103-

Lleó, A.; Agholor, D.; Serrano, N. & Prieto-Sandoval, V. (2017): A mentoring programme based on competency development at a Spanish university: an action research study, European Journal of Engineering Education, DOI:10.1080/03043797.2017.1415298

Conference paper/Book chapter

Elementos clave para el mentoring universitario: experiencias del programa Tu&CO de Tecnun-Universidad de Navarra. Lleo, A., Perez, I., Ormazabal, M. & Agholor, D. 2017.